Task Force on the Role of the Primacy


The Planning and Agenda Team for the Council of General Synod was asked by the Council to coordinate the work of the Strategic Planning Process Group, the Governance Working Group and the Task Force on the Role of the Primacy.

An advertisement asking for volunteers for each of these committees was placed in the January 2008 issue of the Anglican Journal. From the many responses received the General Secretary, in consultation with the Deputy Prolocutor, appointed members to each committee.

The Task Force on the Role of the Primacy is to conduct a detailed study of the role, duties and functions of the Primate and to recommend changes, if any, to Canon III on the Primacy [PDF file].


Member Ecclesiastical Province
Bishop Michael Ingham British Columbia and Yukon
Bishop Linda Nicholls Ontario
Dean James Merrett Rupert’s Land
The Rev. Edmund Laldin Canada
Susan Suppes Rupert’s Land
Norah Bolton Ontario

The Planning and Agenda Team, the Task Force on the Role of the Primacy, the Strategic Planning Process Group and Governance Working Group will meet simultaneously the week of March 10 – 14, 2008 in Toronto. There will be opportunities during the week for all groups to meet and worship together. It is hoped that this pattern of meeting together will continue throughout the triennium.