In the days ahead, this page will serve as the hub of information from the Anglican Church of Canada for resources to help you celebrate the season of Lent through to Holy Week. As resources are added, we will post updates on the news section of

Lenten Bible Study by Bishop Terry Dance

The following study was written by the Rt. Rev. Terry Dance, Bishop of Norfolk, Diocese of Huron. Each individual section of the Lenten Bible study is listed below. Click on the links to view or download each section in PDF format.

Like Watchmen for the Morning — Video Meditations

Produced by the Rev. Tay Moss of the Church of the Messiah in Toronto, Like Watchmen for the Morning is a series of video meditations meant to evoke the contemplative, longing quality of the dark watch before Easter dawn, using stories, poetry, images and music to take viewers on a journey through different Lenten themes.

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Council of the North Lenten Resource

Reflecting Lenten themes through stories of northern ministry, the Council of the North has produced a new weekly resource in the form of a bulletin insert that may be used for quiet reflection during worship, as an opening devotional for a vestry meeting or as part of a Bible study.

For each week of Lent, the resource includes one true-life northern vignette followed by a prayer, connecting ongoing ministry work with the spirit of the Lenten season. A list of resources for download can be seen below, with more added as they become available:

Other ways to access the Lenten resource include subscribing to weekly emails by writing to [email protected] or through the Council of the North Facebook page.

Texts for Trial Use and Feedback

  • Morning and Evening Prayer for Lent 2015. Available in Word and PDF formats.
  • Trial Use Propers for Lent: Ash Wednesday to Palm/Passion Sunday. Available in Word and PDF formats.

Visit the trial use page for information on how to use the resources.

Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund Resource

The PWRDF’s 2015 Lent Resource was written by Rev. Elizabeth Steeves. We invite you to join us in these Lenten reflections that encourage thought and action on issues of food security. Click on the link below to view or download the resource in PDF format.

To order print copies, contact Christine Hills at [email protected].

Society of St. John the Evangelist Resources

The SSJE has created a workbook and daily video series to help guide Christians through the five weeks of Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015. Each day features a short web video that invites us to reflect upon one aspect of that week’s theme, ending with a thought-provoking question to ponder through the day and answer in the workbook.

Click here to watch the videos and download the free PDF booklet.

Diocesan Resources

Diocese of Niagara: Spend Lent with Mark

A treasurer, lay reader, divinity student, choir member, deacon, priest, bishop and archbishop combined their insights and experiences to provide daily commentaries and probing questions for people who want to spend time daily during Lent exploring the life and teachings of Jesus Christ through the eyes of Mark—the gospel writer.

Susan Wilson, rector of All Saints Erin in Ontario, coordinated nearly 30 contributors from many area of Canada. She writes that Mark keeps the reader focused and moving, and suggests that the gospel be read in one sitting (about 90 minutes) before Lent, after which readers should view a passage and comments each day.

Spend Lent with Mark, published in the Niagara Anglican paper, is available online in PDF format.

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