In the days ahead, this page will serve as the hub of information from the Anglican Church of Canada for resources to help you celebrate the season of Lent through to Holy Week. As resources are added, we will post updates on Facebook and Twitter.

PWRDF-logo-redrawPrimate’s World Relief and Development Fund
Lent resource

PWRDF’s 2016 Lent Resource was written by Rev. Laura Marie Piotrowicz with a focus on the 5 A’s of Food Security.  We invite you to order Lent 2016 for your parish and dig deeper into issues of food security and food sovereignty.

ssjelogoSociety of St. John the Evangelist
Lent season videos and workbook

This year the Brothers’ Lenten series will focus on God as the Chief Gardener of our souls and use a tool from monastic spirituality called a ‘Rule of Life’ to explore and cultivate our relationships with God, Self, Others, and Creation. Just as stakes and lattices nurture the growth of young plants, so too can spiritual disciplines support the flourishing of our whole being.

Visit the SSJE website for more information and to subscribe.

Huron1857Diocese of Huron
Lent 2016 Abundant Life Resources

Print-ready devotional resources for Lent from the Diocese of Huron.

Visit the Diocese of Huron website for links and more information.

Ontario 1862Diocese of Ontario
Behold, now is the day of salvation

Journey with Bishop Michael Oulton of the Diocese of Ontario in this Lenten video series through a time of preparation for the great celebration of Easter-the fulfillment of God’s great promise of redemption to us in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Find out more and watch the videos.

Lenten Bible Study by Bishop Terry Dance

BishopDanceThe following study was written by the Rt. Rev. Terry Dance (retired). Each individual section of the Lenten Bible study is listed below. Click on the links to view or download each section in PDF format.