To mark the 25th anniversary of the Book of Alternative Services (BAS) in 2010, the Faith, Worship, and Ministry Department has collected essays from Anglicans who were instrumental in creating these contemporary liturgies.

Liturgical revision—join the conversation
2010 also begins another period of liturgical revision within the Anglican Church of Canada. At General Synod 2010 members asked the Primate to appoint a Liturgy Task Group and welcomed liturgical principles to guide the revision and new creation of contemporary liturgical texts.

You are invited to join the conversation on the BAS and future revision by emailing your own reflections to the Rev. Dr. Eileen Scully, Director, Faith, Worship, and Ministry. Here are some starter questions:

  • How has the BAS has shaped your worship, life, discipleship, and mission?
  • What do you hold dear from our liturgical heritage that needs to be brought forward?
  • What are the missing pieces in our liturgical library of authorized texts?
  • What does “common prayer” mean to you?