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The Council of General Synod established the Responsible Investing Task Force in response to the passing of Resolution A171-R2 at General Synod 2016.

The Task Force’s mandate:

  • Review, and if deemed appropriate, to recommend changes to the current investment portfolio and the investment policies and practices for the management of General Synod assets and those of the General Synod Pension Plan, in light of the Church’s faith and mission, including the Church’s social, environmental and governance responsibilities;
  • Build on previous work to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices of corporations and industries in which our Church invests;
  • To develop guidelines and policies for constructive dialogue and, where necessary, divestment in corporations deemed to conflict with the creation of a low carbon economy;
  • To present to Council of General Synod an interim report that includes proposed policy changes and an implementation timeline by May 2017;
  • To report annually on actions taken or under consideration that would make visible the Anglican Church of Canada’s commitment to environmental, social and governance principles; and
  • To propose a strategy for ongoing engagement and monitoring.

The Resolution requested that the Task Forceinclude the widest possible range of internal stakeholders, including those charged with the ministry of financial responsibility in matters pertaining to the General Synod and General Synod Pension Plan, and those with interests related to sustainable environmental investing. The membership includes:

  • The Rt. Rev. Barbara Andrews, Territory of the People
  • Robert Boeckner, Chair of the ESG Sub-Committee of the Board of Trustees of the General Synod Pension Plan
  • The Rev. Dr. Tim Dobbin, St. Mark’s Brantford, Diocese of Huron
  • Elin Goulden, Social Justice & Advocacy Consultant, Diocese of Toronto
  • The Very Rev. Ken Gray, Territory of the People, Co-Chair of Creation Matters Working Group
  • David MacNicol, Investment Manager
  • Jayson Bueckert, General Synod Representative, Diocese of Athabasca
  • Rob Saffrey, Operations & Finance, The Cathedral Church of St. James, Diocese of Toronto
  • The Rev. Monique Stone, Anglican Parish of Huntley, Diocese of Ottawa
  • Kevin Thomas, SHARE Canada
  • Ryan Weston, Lead Animator, Public Witness & Social and Ecological Justice, General Synod

Short biographies of the members of the task force are also available.