Below you will find a selection of biographies of the membership of the task force. Questions and comments can be sent to Dr. Ryan Weston, staff support for the task force.

Robert (Bob) Boeckner
Mr. Bob Boeckner is a retired actuary and current chair of the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees for the General Synod Pension Plan of the Anglican Church of Canada. A lifelong resident of Toronto, Bob has consulted with a number of major Canadian employers on pension and benefit plans over the course of his career as an actuary.

“If we’re investing in a company that has bad governance or doesn’t take good care of its workers, then in the long term, that’s probably not going to be a good company to invest in. Responsible investing and avoiding investment risk related to ESG issues brings in the church’s social justice concerns and also our fiduciary duties as investors.”

Jayson Bueckert
Mr. Jay Bueckert is a regional director for the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) and rector’s warden at All Saints’ Anglican Church in Fort McMurray, Alta. His work with the CLAC provides insight into the societal impacts of responsible investment decisions, which he brings with him to the task force. Originally from La Crete, Alta., Jay is active in the task force’s theological response subgroup.

“I think it’s important to have a well-thought out rationale as to why we would invest in certain things and not in other things, and how to be active as investors when it comes to promoting the types of values and outcomes that we would like to see happening in the world.”

Timothy (Tim) Dobbin
The Ven. Dr. Tim Dobbin is rector of St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Brantford, Ont. and Archdeacon of Brant/Norfolk. Originally from New Zealand, Tim is a member of the Creation Matters working group and has served on the Responsible Investment Task Force since its inception.

“For me, it’s just part of the gospel mandate to ensure that we’re making decisions based in love and justice, including around our finances.” 

Ken Gray
The Rev. Ken Gray is the dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Kamloops, B.C., co-chair of the Creation Matters working group, and secretary of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network. In 2014, Ken served as co-facilitator of the Eco-Bishops’ Initiative in South Africa from which emerged The World Is Our Host, a call for churches to consider their investment priorities in relation to the care of creation and climate justice.

“The Anglican Church of Canada is in a good position now to assess stewardship of our fiscal resources and to re-deploy where necessary in order to align our faith commitments with ethical actions.”

Rob Saffrey
Mr. Rob Saffrey is the director of operations and finance at St. James Cathedral in Toronto. Born and raised in Toronto, he previously served as chair of the Investment Committee for the Anglican Church of Canada, and is currently chair of its Financial Management Committee.

“The work of the task force is to look at […] the landscape of options that are available for responsible investing, and to come up with a reasoned approach notjust for the investment fund of the Anglican Church of Canada, but for any church in Canada.”

Monique Stone
The Rev. Monique Stone is a priest in the Diocese of Ottawa who has served as Incumbent at the Parish of Huntley in Carp, Ont. Originally from Toronto, she is chair of the Responsible Investment Task Force. Prior to becoming a priest, Monique worked in areas of environmental and social sustainability related to community development.

“Society in general, and the church in general, are recognizing their responsibility in climate change and environmental and social issues. […] I think it’s of benefit to the whole church that the national church is putting money and time into letting people delve into the complexity of it […] and then sharing that knowledge and wisdom.”

Kevin Thomas
Mr. Kevin Thomas is director of shareholder engagement at Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE). Raised in Ottawa, Kevin has lived in Toronto for most of his life and comes from a United Church background. As a member of the task force, he aims to use the expertise and networks of SHARE to help the Anglican Church of Canada shepherd its investment in a way consistent with its values.

“The church is deeply concerned with issues like climate change and social justice and Indigenous rights, and finding ways to use every tool in the toolbox to help advance that mission is important. […] The church has the capacity to be a real leader here, and it’s fantastic to see it take in the time to think about what that means and how to do it most effectively.”

Ryan Weston
Dr. Ryan Weston is lead animator of Public Witness for Social and Ecological Justice and staff to the Responsible Investment Task Force. Born in Airdrie, Alta. and raised in Ontario, Ryan has lived and worked in Toronto for more than 10 years. His background in engaging people on social justice issues animates his own work on the task force and efforts to help others undertake that work in their own context.

“We are committed in the Marks of Mission to safeguard the integrity of creation, and to combat unjust structures. […] If what we do or do not invest in has some impact in those ways, then being true to the Marks of Mission asks us to think about how we’re doing that responsibly and effectively.”