September 24-25, 2010

This newly-created committee met early in the fall to begin its important work assisting in revenue-generation for dioceses and the General Synod.  While the Committee is new, it is blessed with the tried and true (and excellent) chairing of Monica Patten from Ottawa.

A good deal of time was spent on orienting ourselves to the new role, looking at and revising Terms of Reference and determining the group norms for our work together.

Decisions were made to:

  • Articulate a clear theology of philanthropy;
  • Approve a case for support that can be used now for potential major donors;
  • Ask the Officers to support Imagine Canada’s Ethical Code for fundraising;
  • Take leadership in a campaign across the church in partnership with dioceses, phasing in dioceses as they are ready and eager;
  • Focus staff energy on stewardship education in those dioceses not yet ready for such a campaign;
  • Revamp the Anglican Appeal, focussing it on fulfillment of the Marks of Mission;
  • Encourage the development of a more efficient database that can be utilized for fundraising;
  • Hold back on any more dioceses participating in the Bequest Identification Initiative for the time being;
  • Rename the department to better reflect its role in serving dioceses as well as to build on a stewardship base for revenue development.

We enjoyed the feel and efficiency of a smaller group in a meeting (although we were missing two of our members whose contributions are much needed), and pronounced ourselves delighted to serve the church as its newest Standing Committee.

Members are:

Monica Patten, chair
Glen Mitchell
Linda Privitera
Michael Thompson
Claude Miller
Molly Finlay
Rob Dickson