The Book of Alternative Services (BAS) and supplementary resources are now available for download. In 2009, the Council of General Synod authorized the online publication of these texts. The goals are to assist liturgy planners and to encourage future web-based work of liturgical text development. For more information, email Eileen Scully, Director, Faith, Worship, and Ministry.

Hard copies of liturgical texts can be purchased through our main distributor.

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The Book of Alternative Services, despite its name “alternative,” has become the primary worship text for Sunday services and other major liturgical celebrations of the Anglican Church of Canada. 2010 marks the 25th anniversary of its publication. Note: Includes the addition to the Baptismal Covenant requested in resolution C001 of Joint Assembly 2013.

The Book of Common Prayer, 1962 version, is a revision of the 1918 Canadian Book of Common Prayer.

Alternative Collects for Years A, B & C of the Revised Common Lectionary and Seasonal Prayers over the Gifts and after Communion.

For All the Saints is a resource to accompany the Calendar of Holy Persons in the BAS. It includes propers for memorials, commemorations, and saints’ days, along with biographical information and primary source readings.

Gathering Rites for the Paschal Cycle for the Paschal Season (Lent and Easter), a particularly important time in the liturgical calendar to focus on the process of initiation-into-Christ, as our communities reaffirm their own baptismal vocation and prepare to initiate new members into baptismal living in community.

Inclusive Language Liturgical Psalter and Inclusive Language Liturgical Psalter, Pointed
The Council of General Synod in March of 2019 commended the use of this Inclusive Language Liturgical Psalter, where permitted by the Ordinary.

Morning and Evening Prayer for the Seasons of the Church Year and for Ordinary Time.

Occasional Celebrations is a collection of resources for certain pastoral and seasonal occasional services, including additional funeral rites, celebrations of new ministries, and home blessing rites.

Public Distribution of Holy Communion by Deacons and Lay People is a collection of guidelines and liturgies prepared by the Doctrine and Worship Committee of the Anglican Church of Canada. This resource provides a temporary solution to the growing need for weekly gathering around book and table, word and sacrament, when a priest is not available.

Supplementary Eucharistic Prayers, Services of the Word, and Night Prayer is the most substantial addition to the BAS. Authorized by General Synod in 2001, it contains additional rites for Sunday services.

Thanksgiving Over the Water  for All Saints’ Day/Sunday and Baptism of the Lord.

Make Preparation: Liturgy Planning Notes.  Author Paul Gibson, as liturgical officer of the Anglican Church of Canada, contributed significantly to the development of the Book of Alternative Services and Common Praise.


Certain liturgies from the BAS and supplements have also been translated:

From the Diocese of Montreal, Liturgical resources in English and French.

Other texts

Liturgical texts for trial use and evaluation