These liturgical texts were developed by John Hill in his book, Making Disciples, and have been available for use for several decades. In March of 2019, they were formally endorsed (authorized) by the Council of General Synod for Trial Use and Evaluation. We encourage you to make use of these materials, with the permission of your diocesan bishop.

Trial Use and Evaluation is not a rubber-stamp sort of exercise. The texts are to be understood to be in the process of development, not in final form. We invite your use, study, close reading, and especially value your feedback, especially as these texts represent work from some time ago. Your feedback will help to shape the final edits and versions of liturgical texts that will be presented to The General Synod for authorization. The questionnaire here invites several levels of feedback, from general to very specific.

If you have been using other rites for the catechumenate, or have developed your own, please consider sharing these with Faith, Worship, and Ministry as we continue to develop, collect, and curate resources for forming new Christians.

The rites are presented as one package with several parts – for each stage of the journey – and the questionnaires relate to those parts separately. A separate form is provided for general feedback.

For further information, contact Eileen Scully, Director of Faith, Worship, and Ministry: [email protected]  416-924-9199 x 286