The duly nominated candidates for election to the office of Anglican Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Armed Forces are listed below in alphabetical order.  Each provided a CV and responses to questions posed by the Search Committee.

Gilbert, Reginald  – Maj (ret’d) the Rev’d Canon Reg Gilbert

Park, Baxter –  Cdr (ret’d) The Very Rev’d Baxter D Park

Shaw, Nigel – Col the Venerable Nigel Shaw

Warren, David – Maj (ret’d) the Rev’d Canon David Warren


The Electoral College will vote on the 5th of March, 2016.  It is composed of Clergy and Lay members of the Anglican Military Ordinariate as elected by the full clericus meeting at the Annual Chaplain Training Exercise of 2015.

Electoral College:
Archdeacon (pro tem) Michelle Staples
Canon Todd Meaker
Canon Doug Friesen
Canon Rob Fead
The Rev’d Murray Bateman
The Rev’d John Hounsell-Drover
The Rev’d Marty Keatings
The Rev’d Brad Smith
The Rev’d Lisa Pacarynuk
Mr. Joshua Newhook
Mr. Chuck Staples
Ms. Kathy Cormier
Ms. Debbie Thomas
Ms. Dawn Lea Greer

Persons to be present at Church House in support of the Election:
+Fred, Primate of Canada
Brian Bukowski, Manager – Web, Communications and Information Resources (ACC)
Canon Jennifer Gosse
Chancellor Ann Bourke
Archdeacon (pro tem) Michelle Staples

Prayer (partially adapted from the prayer used in the CoE for the election of a Bishop for Oxford):

Gracious Lord,
You have called us to minister to your people who have chosen the difficult path of Military Service.
You have called us to journey with them in war and in peace, under fire and in all corners of the world.
And where you have sent us, you have met us there.
And we thank you.

Now as we seek to raise up a faithful pastor among us, to be Bishop of the Anglican Military Ordinariate,
We ask you to bless the members of the Electoral College;
Those who have been set aside for the task of discernment among us.

By your Spirit, give them wisdom, courage and faith
As they seek a faithful pastor who will sustain us on the journey,
Feed us with word and sacrament,
And nurture our ‘Living Faith’,
Inspiring us to follow you ever more closely, as we serve the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces.

We also pray for all who work in support of the College;
That they may serve with wisdom and humility,
as they seek to enable the work of those whom you have called for this task.

This we ask in the name of Jesus,
who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever.