The Bishop’s Council on the steps of Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa, 2017.

Bishop Ordinary

  • The Right Reverend Nigel Shaw

Bishop’s Executive Council

  • Canon Ann Bourke, Chancellor
  • Commander the Venerable Jennifer Gosse, Archdeacon
  • Lieutenant-Colonel the Reverend Canon Beverly Kean-Newhook, Canon Secretary
  • Lieutenant-Colonel the Reverend Canon Lisa Pacarynuk
  • Lieutenant-Colonel the Reverend Canon Shawn Samson, Canonical Advisor
  • Lieutenant-Colonel the Reverend Marc Torchinsky, Canon Recruiter
  • Major the Reverend Canon Catherine Askew, Canon Advisor on Diversity and Inclusion
  • Major the Reverend Canon Murray Bateman, Canon Pastor
  • Major the Reverend Canon Steele Lazerte, Canon Treasurer
  • Major the Reverend Canon Brad Smith, Canon Reservist and Canon Liturgist
  • Lieutenant (Navy) the Reverend Canon Michael Macintyre, Lutheran Canon

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