In Sure and Certain Hope: Resources to Assist Pastoral and Theological Approaches to Physician Assisted Dying

Produced by the Faith, Worship, and Ministry Task Force on Physician Assisted Dying, In Sure and Certain Hope presents theological considerations on physician assisted dying and offers new perspectives on palliative and pastoral care, reflecting the changed legal situation in Canada following the February 2015 ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada that overturned the previous ban on … Continued

Indigenous Catechist Training Manual

Published through the Office of the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop, this training manual serves as a comprehensive outline for Indigenous catechism. A series of modules cover seven key topics: prayer and worship; the nature of human beings, God, and the Creeds; the Holy Scriptures; the Ten Commandments; sin and redemption; the Sacraments; the church, the … Continued

Jerusalem Sunday resources

A central location for all resources and information on Jerusalem Sunday. Includes videos, prayers, liturgical resources, and photos from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.

Liturgical Texts in Cree

Initial selection of liturgical texts in the Cree language. Family prayers, psalms and hymns are all included.


Blog space featuring reflections from Anglicans on life, ministry, and mission within the Anglican Church of Canada.

Mission and the environment: a video interview with the Primate

Video interview with Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, describing the mission of the church in line with God’s relationship with the earth. The Primate identifies climate change as a moral and spiritual challenge that demands a response from Canadian Anglicans, and calls for a new kind of economic development, nationally … Continued

Newsletter sign-up

The General Synod and other organizations at Church House run a number of e-mail news lists that may be of interest. Sign up for all lists here.

Our beliefs

Mission statement of the Anglican Church of Canada, describing its main beliefs and listing the primary liturgies and selected statements that define those beliefs.

Sexual Harassment and Assault Policy and Procedure

Current sexual harrassment and assualt policy/procedure for the Anglican Church of Canada, applicable to national staff members and national volunteers, as revised and adopted by the Council of General Synod 2005.

The Anglican Church of Canada’s apology for residential schools

Text of the apology of the Anglican Church of Canada for residential schools, as delivered by then-Primate Michael Peers to the National Native Convocation in Minaki, Ont., Friday, Aug. 6, 1993. Includes links to apology in English, French and Indigenous languages, as well as a 2008 video marking the 15th anniversary of the apology.

The Story of Creation: a Sunday School resource

The story of creation is told through the narrative of “Ryan the Rhino” in this Sunday school resource. Contents include background and guidance for teachers, activities and stories to promote stewardship of the environment.