Anglican Spiritual Directors Group, Diocese of Montreal

We come to you, Lord Jesus, repenting of our stubbornness and complacency. Surround us with your healing light. Fill us with your love to overflowing by the power of the Holy Spirit, and move us forward in faithful witness to you.

Diocese of Montreal – online with multiple parishes

Heartbeat of the Church Online Thursday, January 10th 2019 6 pm -7:30 Prayers: Thank you God for all the Anglicans who have come before and after us for reminding us who you are, what you want us to be and how you would like us to serve. Give us eyes to see those around us … Continued

Grace Church, Parish of Arundel and Weir

We pray that whatever happens in the future, that as a faithful, loving and caring community we be able to continue to worship together in one form or another and that we do not let our faith and community die. We pray that the Holy Spirit be with us and help us be open-minded and … Continued

Holy Trinity Church, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts

We pray that the church continues to experience and demonstrate peace, love, joy and openness, and that it continues to share its resources (all forms and shapes of resources) with those who need it. We also pray for survival and growth of its communities and the values they uphold. Amen.

Ralph L., Westmount Que.

GLAD – for the community of the church – for relationships in the church – for the presence of the Holy Spirit – for helping people outside of the church – for our worship ACHE – for schisms (ANIC) – for constant change – that the church is shrinking in Canada – that people treat … Continued

Saint Michael and All Angels, Lenten Study Group

God of love, God of healing, God of reconciliation, Look graciously upon your Church as you call us to bring and embody healing and reconciliation in your world. Let us so bear your Gospel message that we may know Christ and make Him known. Amen.

St George’s, Ste Anne de Bellevue QC – Women’s Bible Study group

Gracious God, We pray that our church will continue to grow more loving, more accepting of differences, and more open to God’s hand in our lives. May we have the courage to embrace the change that God is bringing, and may we be obedient to God’s will, We pray for visible, godly and compassionate leadership … Continued

St Thomas Church, Montreal (FASt Children and Youth ministry)

Submitted by a group of children, youth and leaders aged 4+ We pray that the church releases its power, put our energy on grassroots things happening in churches like kids ministry! That we would support food grown locally and land for gardens, that we would be less discriminating in the churches, that more people would … Continued

St. Barnabas, St. Lambert, Montreal

Gracious God, Guided by your Holy Spirit we pray that we will discern how best to be church in a manner that is faithful to the preaching of the Gospel; providing us with a sense of the sacred in whatever new ways you call us to be your people. Keep us mindful of a Spirit … Continued

St. Matthew’s Grenville

Create more unity among all the different denominations More young people will join the church and attend regularly Be more open to the Holy Spirit and how it can help us Continue to reach out to the whole community to provide help and support.