Christ’s Church Cathedral, Hamilton

We pray that we might recognize our belovedness in the sight of God so that we may be a generous, compassionate, and inclusive church! We pray for faith in the love of God, in the Way of Jesus, and in the power of the Spirit; always listening for the voice of God. We pray that … Continued

Monika A., Dunnville Ont.

I pray for the priests of the Anglican Church. They dedicate their lives to our service and spiritual well being. I pray that those that have absolute domain over our priests, support and guide them with the same compassion and love that Our Lord, Jesus Christ showed His Apostles. I pray that the congregants served … Continued

Synod Council – Diocese of Niagara

Conversation Circle 1: Loving God, we thank you for the ways you have embraced us and called us your own. Help us to move forward as the beloved Church for the benefit of all people and especially our members so that all the world will see and desire to grow in love, respect, understanding and … Continued