Particular Ministries: Chaplaincies, Emergency Response


Lists of particular chaplaincies (hospital, university, correctional facilities) can be found within most Diocesan websites. See Dioceses

Emergency Response and Pastoral Care – Work of the Canadian Council of Churches

In November 2001, the Governing Board of The Canadian Council of Churches asked the Commission on Faith and Witness to “work with other faith communities in Canada, drawing on the expertise of the Inter-Faith Committee on Military Chaplaincy and the Canadian Forces Chaplaincy Branch, to draw up or improve plans for submission to the Federal and Provincial governments to be included in their respective response plans.”

Since then, the Commission has established a National Advisory Group on Emergency Planning, composed of representatives from our member churches. This group is working with regions of Canada to understand what is the provision for pastoral care in event of emergency, and (if needed and desired by regional representatives) to help ensure that churches and government have protocols to help ensure that pastoral presence is provided quickly, appropriately and efficiently. A Regional Advisory Group on Emergency Planning has been established in the province of Nova Scotia.

From the Website of the Canadian Council of Churches

In June 2005, the Canadian Council of Churches sponsored a training session on Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) at the Toronto School of Theology, led by Jim Ferguson of The Salvation Army.