The Givens

  • Stewardship is what we do with what we have, all the time.
  • We are people of God.  God is in us and among us all the time.
  • Stewardship is not a complicated idea.  It is simply our individual and collective response to the Gospel of Christ.
  • To be successful Christian stewards, we must repeatedly make choices about what we do with our gifts from God, our time, our talents and financial resources.
  • The essential truth about the obligation of Christian stewardship is that we give because we can, and we give because we want to.  And we understand that all we have has been given by God who loves humanity.

Stewardship Audit

The value of this audit is that it will assist the parish leaders in seeing where the gaps of knowledge and practice are in stewardship, and will show where the strengths are on which to build the future teaching/learning about God’s call to us to be good stewards. Try to fill in as much of this as you can. Even good guesses will help paint the picture.

Download the audit in PDF format