Download as PDFThis can be a workshop on its own or a workshop session within a larger seminar or gathering.

Prepare a handout with the questions that follow on it, and a space below each question for the participant to make notes on.  On the other side of the paper, put on the Biblical reading for the session:  2 Corinthians 9:6-14.

The Questions

  1. What is my motive (or motives) for giving to the church?
  2. Have I ever regretted giving anything to God?
  3. Which act of giving to God has given me the greatest joy or satisfaction?
  4. In deciding how much I will give to God’s work in the church, do I make the decision before or after I determine what I will need for my personal necessities or extras?  In other words, is my giving off the top, as the first fruits of my labour, or as a leftover or remainder?
  5. Does my giving represent any sacrifice on my part?
  6. Has my giving kept pace with any increase in my income in recent years?
  7. Do I resent being asked to give to the church or do I welcome it as I do the Eucharist or preaching or the reading of the Gospel?  Why?
  8. How do I feel when someone gives me a gift with no strings attached?  Am I a good receiver as well as a giver?
  9. What do I consider the 10 most important blessings in my life?
  10. Do I give as much time and thought to determine how I can increase my giving to God through the church as I give to determine what I can buy, or what I can pay for any other large item?

Prepare a second handout with the Stewardship Giving Guide.


Ask participants to note their answers to the questions. (5 minutes or so)

In groups of three, ask them to discuss what some of their answers and what they found helpful in doing this exercise.

In the larger group, ask people what their surprises were?  their embarrassments?  their pleasures?  the wisdom they heard from others?

Read the Biblical passage on the other side of the handout aloud.  Ask people to explore together what they hear in this verse.

Hand out the Stewardship Giving Guide and ask them to prayerfully fill it out…it is information that will not be shared.

After these have been filled out, ask people if there is anything they want to share.

Close with a short prayer of thanksgiving.