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These worship resources have been collected from a variety of places over time.  It is important that we lead the way in trying to dispense with the idea that there is a “Stewardship Sunday” once a year, a focus on money.  We aim rather to have people understand that stewardship is what we are called by Jesus to do and live ALL the time. Stewardship is a way of life, not a commodity.  Jesus calls us to steward the environment we live in, the talents we have, the time we have, the expertise we have developed, AND the money that comes to us.  The more we can include in our worship that understanding, that call, the better people in our parishes will grasp the commitment they can make to living the life of God’s steward.

There are many times such worship resources can be used…at parish conferences, to begin the annual meeting, at a weekend retreat, in Bible Study groups, at vestry meetings,…

So, take these worship offerings, edit them to suit the situation you are planning worship for, and make them relevant to those who will be present.  They are yours.

And, if you come up with other worship ideas or resources, send them to [email protected] for sharing with others across the country. 

Worship Service ideas: