Global Relations Department

Relationship between Global Relations and CAPA has continued for more than three decades. The Anglican Church of Canada supports the core work of CAPA with an annual $10,000 grant. Other important mission priorities receive funding as needed, such as CAPA’s 2017 efforts with the Episcopal Church of Sudan and Southern Sudan and the South Sudan Council of Churches in peace-building. In 2017, CAPA President, General Secretary and senior staff will visit the Anglican Church of Canada, September 15-30. This is the first such visit for CAPA leaders and will include meeting and learning with local Anglicans in the Dioceses of Edmonton, Athabasca, Qu’Appelle, Rupert’s Land, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.

Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund

For information about PWRDF partnership with African Anglican Provinces and Dioceses, please visit the PWRDF website.