Office of the Primate

The Primate is committed to deeper relationship with the Diocese of Jerusalem through visits with Archbishop Suheil Dawani and other diocesan and ecumenical leaders. The Primate encourages church national participation in the Companions of Jerusalem and the annual celebration of Jerusalem Sunday.

Global Relations Department

The Global Relations Department oversees the administration of church national partnership with the Diocese of Jerusalem through collaboration with the Companions of Jerusalem, Diocese of Ottawa, PWRDF, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. This program works closely with the Canadian Companions as described in General Synod resolutions and Companions’ Terms of Reference. For more information about General Synod resolutions about the Diocese of Jerusalem, Palestine and Israel, see Resolution A171  and Resolution A172.

An exciting development for Global Relations in partnership with the Diocese of Jerusalem is the appointment of The Rev. Dr. Richard LeSueur as Middle East Liaison (Volunteer) with the Global Relations Department. Dr. LeSueur meets with parishes, dioceses and church groups seeking to learn more about Christian community in the Middle East, the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Canadian Companions of Jerusalem. Richard is an experienced adult educator and leader of pilgrim groups to the Holy Land, with much to offer the church’s learning about historic and contemporary issues in the region.

Ecumenical Links