Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:   may they prosper who love you!   (Psalm 122.6)


Let us pray to God, the Holy Spirit, saying;  Come, Holy Spirit, Come

Come, Holy Spirit: hear us as we pray for the Church here and everywhere.  For our Bishops and leaders, for our Clergy and teachers,  for the Anglican Communion around the world and, particularly today, for the church in Jerusalem, for both Archbishop Suheil and the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and Bishop Munib and the Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and The Holy land, that all may proclaim your word of peace and reconciliation.  Come, Holy Spirit, Come

Come, Holy Spirit:  hear us as we pray for justice and peace on earth.  For leaders of this country of Canada and for leaders of all nations, particularly remembering today Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.  May peace and harmony abundantly bless these achingly beautiful and historic places of your Creation, O God.  Come, Holy Spirit, Come

Come, Holy Spirit:  hear us as we pray for the holy city of Jerusalem.  Bring to those who lead Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities a spirit of cooperation and collaboration as this ancient and blessed city continues to be ‘holy’ for us all.  Come, Holy Spirit, come.

Suggested Hymns:

From Common Praise:   
446   Word of God, Come Down on Earth
278   Jerusalem the Golden
482   Come and Journey with a Saviour
470   Seek Not in Distant, Ancient Hills
575   Let Streams of Living Justice,
576   For The Healing of the Nations

From Evangelical Lutheran Worship:     
704  When Pain of the World Surrounds Us
546  To Be Your Presence
628  Jerusalem, My Happy Home

From other sources:
Sent By The Lord Am I (Iona Community, GIA Publications)
Lord, When You Came to the Seashore (Gather 781)
Christ, Be Our Light (Gather 590)