I woke up this morning feeling like we needed just one more blog post to wrap up our trip. The Primate suggested the title “Three happy cheers” because this is how we were welcomed in many places. These cheers were enthusiatic and loud—sometimes deafening.

I also wanted an excuse to show you this above picture of our Primate at the Garanga farm last week. At our farewell dinner, Archbishop David Vunagi commended our Primate’s “humility and perseverance.” Here he is bearing a long, hot journey with a big smile.

A couple of final thoughts on our visit:

  • This was a visit to renew and refocus our churches’ longstanding partnership, which has been rooted in supporting theological education (through scholarships, and Canadian faculty visits) and has expanded much since then.
  • 2013 will be the 50th anniversary of our churches’ partnership. There are plans in the works to bring Archbishop Vunagi to Canada.
  • We came away with plans to strengthen our cooperative work: visits on both sides, possible funding for the good ministry we’ve seen, website collaboration, and more.

So I promise, this really this is my last blog post. We are all so grateful to the Anglican Church of Melanesia for their welcome, which we echo back to them. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! And thank you, thank you, thank you.