A #heartbeatprayer from the Diocese of Ontario


We give thanks to You O Lord, for

: the Holy Trinity, preserving us and our church
: the blessings of marriage in our church and your daily enlightenment
: a heart full of gladness for the interaction of our congregation after/ outside worship
: being in a place of real community, that this world longs for
: seeing grandchildren in church, knowing everyone and being known
: a great and large family in Christ, all pitching in and supporting one another
: the growth from being a stuffy place to a friendly Church
: the growth in numbers that we’ve seen

Yet Our hearts ache O Lord, for

: the decrease of church size in our community overall
: the society’s lack of priority on Christian fellowship and church
: the church turned down my unwed friend’s request for babies baptism 20 yrs ago
: our Anglican church no longer regards enough the authority of scriptures
: the Canadian church decision to depart from the rest of the Anglican Communion regarding marriage
: the separation of our Canadian Anglican church from the Holy Catholic teaching of marriage
: our church that no longer follows scripture; I’m advised to RUN, not walk, away from the Anglican church of Canada
: disregard of the ‘intent’ of God as Creator, making marriage for man and woman, a procreative union with intentions for this world.
: the sad way the United Church of Canada has gone

We sense Hope and Encouragement, O Lord, in

: truly knowing that no matter our sexuality, we are all welcome, God’s beloved Children
: the power of prayer and being a truly prayerful community
: how blessed we are that SO many will take part in 24 hour Prayer Vigils

O Lord Let our Cries come Unto Thee.  Amen.