A #heartbeatprayer from the Diocese of New Westminster


My prayer for the church is that we will live out boldly Jesus call to love one another.
That we be less afraid of death than we are of resurrection.
That we may be one, as Christ + the Father are one.
That we all may be one. That a spirit of respect and forbearance be among us.
That the conversation re: marriage canon is respectful. AND that the canon is changed.
That the church would find its prophetic voice, and use it to be the church of Jesus Christ according to his commandments. NOT the church of this place or that.
That we can acknowledge that language matters and change it to be more inclusive!
Ever-loving, Ever-giving Lord, love us into loving you, loving one another loving ourselves, for your love’s sake.
That we are a relevant force for life in the anthropocene.
That your gathered people might be the ground where all may encounter you and all may experience your transcendent presence.
May all of our origin stories find home in the church.