A #heartbeatprayer from the Diocese of Edmonton


Father, we pray, Faith, Hope and Charity; for us to live out the Gospel message ourselves and then encourage young people to find your love. We pray for your guidance to an end to all injustice like homelessness and unemployment, and better living conditions for all, here and now. Let us be a church of compassion and inclusion – open to all.

We pray for us to be open to the way you call all of us to continue to live out the Gospel and grow. Please help us to continue to nurture a really strong community of faith that is meaningful for the next generation.

We pray that we will be open to the viewpoints of others, and listen for understanding in times of conflict. Help us to seek common ground and unity and inclusion in all things.

Lord, we are thankful for new members in our family of faith and we pray for continued spiritual development and growth and maturity in your way. Help us to continue loving you and others, as you first loved us.

Please guide us in all we do and say, Lord, and help us to forgive as we should; both others and ourselves. Please continue to show us how to hope and offer your hope to others.

We thank you for your presence in our church and our world….and in any time or place that we come to you in prayer. Help us to bring your presence through our strengths of liturgy, community, and family to new people and generations. Amen.