A #heartbeatprayer from the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island


Dear God: please allow our church to be open and accepting of all who come to join us in the worship and mission of God.

Please help us to welcome all with your love so that we may grow together, and your promises may be fulfilled.

Help us to take an honest look inside our hearts, the heart of the Church, so that we can be true followers of Jesus and show this in all that we do and say, and learn to love all!

May we, by your strength, accept our differences, and not judge, but to focus on the many passages of God’s Holy Word that shows God’s love for us, and that not even one of his chosen people were perfect.

We pray that you would give us the determination to reject our antiquated notions of gender and destruction so that we might focus instead on God’s original blessing and on Christ’s ministry in messages of hope, peace, friendship, and equality.

We long to be a light to this world, and to keep that light burning until Jesus returns, making the church a place of love and acceptance, so that all may know of the saviour’s love and adoration for them.

This we ask through the one who came to set us free, Jesus Christ! Amen!