A #heartbeatprayer from the Diocese of Niagara


Conversation Circle 1:

Loving God, we thank you for the ways you have embraced us and called us your own.
Help us to move forward as the beloved Church for the benefit of all people and especially our members so that all the world will see and desire to grow in love, respect, understanding and compassion.
Help us to listen to each other and to work day by day, to save those around us,
bringing them the Good News in bold and lively ways.
Embolden us to move past the message of scarcity to a vision of abundance
so that all kinds and conditions of people will seek your truth.
Help us listen to your heart in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ


Conversation Circle 2:

Loving God, may we grow in our commitment to live out the two great commandments; living into the way of Jesus authentically and transparently. Lead us from being a Sunday church to the church in the world. And guide our General Synod, through the Holy Spirit, to find a path to inclusiveness and acceptance. Amen

Conversation Circle 3

Beloved God,
may we be who you have given us to be in Love and Justice for one another and your creation.
May we risk faithfully and fail confidently that you God keep us on the path
And live the truth of our words towards inclusion, reconciliation, and discipleship.
In Jesus name we pray


Conversation Circle 4:

We pray,
that we truly love one another,
that we work towards equal and unconditional acceptance, acknowledging we are not there yet;
that we do all we do in love; and
that we be open to new and fresh solutions. Amen.

Conversation Circle 5:

We pray that the Church may continue and deepen  its witness of inclusion, acceptance, and wonder as we encompass all in our prayers and activities. Amen.