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To further the goal of faithful stewardship of financial resources, the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada is increasing the use of electronic communications tools to meet remotely. The tool chosen is Adobe Connect; a full featured online meeting service. This document lays out a series of sessions for users of this system: from participants and presenters to hosts of meetings.

Three training modules have been developed. The level of training for each individual will depend on how the user will use the tool, with an eye to keeping it simple. Modules that are relevant to the users in question will be given to minimize information overload. Ongoing training and support will be given to all users, but especially presenters and hosts to ensure successful meetings

All users will receive a Participant introduction session. These sessions will give everyone a basic understanding of what Adobe Connect is, what tools are needed to use Adobe Connect, computer configuration, and how connect with and participate in a meeting. Participants will be shown how to respond and interact with a meeting, including the use of their microphone and webcam (if available), online chats, Q&As, polls, and presentations.

A subset of users who are actively planning on presenting at online meetings will receive Presenter training. Presenters will have received a Participant introduction, and will also learn how to run a presentation online. This will include what file formats can be used, how to engage with and get feedback from participants, and practice giving a presentation before their first meeting.

Finally, a core group of users will get Host training. Hosts will be competent in both participating and presenting at meetings, and will get training in procedures for creating and configuring meetings, managing modules (chat, Q&A, polls, etc.), best practices, and managing user rights for Participants and Presenters.