Annual Ordinariate Worship Service

CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL, OTTAWA By Canon David Greenwood The annual worship service of the Anglican Military Ordinariate was held at Christ Church Cathedral,Ottawaon Sunday 13 November 2011.  This was the weekend of Remembrance Day and the Dean of Ottawa and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral, the Very Reverend Shane Parker wanted to link the national … Continued

Santa: Secular or Santa?

By Canon Baxter Park A few years ago I met Canon James Rosenthal, who was then the Director of Communications for the Anglican Communion and the editor of Anglican World.  We immediately connected because of our shared belief in the importance of the legends of St Nicholas to the church.  We believe that St Nicholas can … Continued

Three Strands

by Padre David Greenwood There is a new theory of Anglicanism that has been floating in the air. This is the “Three-Strand theory” – that Anglicanism is really a compendium of three separate strands of thought and has been so since the mid 17th century. The Three-Strand theory offers there are three types of Anglicans … Continued

A Major Role

by the deployed captain-chaplains of TF 1-10 A system of differing roles and responsibilities is nothing new to Anglican’s within the church or the military; but sometimes the question is posed “just what does the chaplain who is a Major do?”  The Afghanistan Roto Task Force 1-10 (TF 1-10) chaplain team leader, Major the Reverend … Continued

Bishops right to left : Rt. Rev Peter Coffin, Rt.Rev Tom Brown, Bishop of Wellington and to the New Zealand Defence Force; The Rt. Rev. Len Eacott, Bishop to the Australian Defence Force.

Canadians join in Consecration of U.S. Bishop to the Forces

This was the Consecration of The Rt. Rev. James ‘Jay’ Magness , Suffragan Bishop for Federal Ministries of the Episcopal Church of the U.S.A.  which took place at Washington National Cathedral, June 19, 2010.   As such, Bishop Magness will be the endorsing authority for all American Episcopalian military chaplains.    Chief Consecrator : The Most Rev. … Continued

My Role in the CFDS

My Role in the CFDS features military and civilian personnel and occupations throughout the Defence Team. Featured profiles use real-life stories to illustrate the dedication, excellence and professionalism of personnel and employees in their day-to-day jobs under the purview of the Canada First Defence Strategy (CFDS). As appeared in “The Maple Leaf”, 26 May 2010, … Continued

L’aumônerie militaire expose sa dynamique au clergé

Des membres du clergé de l’Église anglicane régionale apprennent le travail des aumôniers sur le terrain Par le Capt Jeff Noel « Ce fut une expérience enrichissante et qui m’a ouvert les yeux », affirme le révérend chanoine Brett Cane, recteur de l’Église anglicane de St. Aiden’s, à Winnipeg. « Je ne connaissais pas du tout le travail des aumôniers militaires ni … Continued

Easter Sunday 2009 in Puerto Rico

Taken from the personal reflections of Capt the Rev Liam Thomas, Fleet Chaplain, CFB Halifax (While serving in HMCS ATHABASKAN). Today was pretty amazing.  The service was great and the Dean of the Cathedral, Fr. David Howell, was more than generous with the amount of the service I was able to help celebrate. The Cathedral … Continued

Eucharist aboard HMCS Fredericton

From Labrador to the Gulf of Aden

by Lieut (Navy) The Rev. Jennifer Gosse I am a priest from the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador. Until two and a half years ago, all my ordained ministry took place in Labrador as Rector of the parishes of Cartwright and Lake Melville and as Archdeacon of Labrador. From the time I was a … Continued