Lent studies from around the church

What are you doing for Lent? As this reflective season approaches, the General Synod web team has culled some of its favourite online Lent resources from church partners. Browse below to see what might work for your personal or parish meditations.


1.     Marks of Mission study: Diocese of Montreal
A five-week study that guides parishes to work and prayer over a biblical text during Lent. All the material is available online-including downloadable PDFs with background material and instructions for each week. The authors (Jennifer Bourque, Karen Chalk, and Nicholas Pang) say that any community is free to use the study, but they would love to see your feedback posted on the site. Consider using this study for other seasons-it is highly adaptable. Access online now.

2.    Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund

Written by the Rev. Laura Marie Piotrowicz, Diocese of Brandon, these daily reflections (available as a PDF) support those who choose to fast in some way. The Monday to Saturday reflections focus on issues of local food security and each Sunday connects with the weekly Gospel theme and a PWRDF good news story.

3.     Canadian Council of Churches: The Bruised Reed
The Bruised Reed is a Christian reflection on suffering and hope, produced by the Commission on Faith and Witness, Canadian Council of Churches. The booklet includes eight real Canadian stories of suffering and hope with hymns, prayers, and poems presented throughout. The Bruised Reed is available as a PDF or can be ordered as a print resource in English or French. A donation of  $10 is suggested. For more information, email [email protected]

4.     Church of England: Love Life Live Lent
It may be a little late to order this popular booklet, which offers 40 simple daily actions that “help us transform our world-locally, nationally, and globally.” However, the site offers many downloadable resources, including 25 daily Lenten practices for people with autism, written by Ann Memmott, a woman on the autism spectrum. You can also follow the ongoing Twitter conversation with the hashtag #livelent.

5.    Coming soon: General Synod’s video series

General Synod will feature video meditations written and produced by the Rev. Scott McLeod, online ministries in the Diocese of British Columbia. These 14 reflections will be released beginning on Ash Wednesday and follow the stations of the cross.

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