Subsidized Green Building Audit Program

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Are you struggling to make your church building a safe, hospitable space for worship and community ministry? Are your drafty windows and leaky taps drawing precious financial resources away from local outreach?

If so, “Creation Matters”, the environmental working group of the Anglican Church of Canada, can help. Creation Matters is partnering with Faith and the Common Good to offer Greening Sacred Spaces – the Green Building Audit. This program is designed to help faith communities reduce their impact on the natural environment. There is a focus on finding the “low hanging fruit” – simple, cost-effective measures that can be taken to significantly improve building sustainability, often with a quick return on investment from a financial standpoint. There is also a focus on the comfort and health of the congregation, and the ways in which meeting space can be hospitable to all.

The Green Building Audit is competitively priced on a sliding scale, beginning at $800 and moving up with the size and complexity of the building in question. Through the subsidized Green Building Audit Program, successful applicants will receive grants for 2/3 of the cost of the Green Building Audit to a maximum of $1,000, based on building size.

In exchange for this grant, the parishes selected must agree to host a public information seminar with Greening Sacred Spaces on energy efficiency. Additionally, parishes that have been selected for the grants must agree to provide one year’s worth of energy consumption data to Greening Sacred Spaces. This data will help establish a baseline against which parishes can measure performance improvements year over year as well as to help begin the process of faith communities tracking their actual consumption, instead of just costs.

*** Please note that the Green Audit program is currently undergoing review and improvements. No new applications will be accepted at this time. ***

To apply for this program, please complete the attached Green Building Audit Support Application Form, and submit it to Greening Sacred Spaces. Recipients will be selected, and audits scheduled in discussion with the applicant.

If you have any questions about this program or the application, please contact Stephen Collette at [email protected] or (705) 652 5159.  Thank you for your commitment to making your worship and gathering space more environmentally sustainable.

Learn more about the Green Building Audit in this video produced by the Diocese of Ottawa:

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