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Just in time for the 2015 federal election, a new non-partisan resource offers support for Canadian Anglicans to engage with parties and candidates on a range of vital issues rooted in shared prosperity and protecting the most vulnerable members of society.

Entitled Compassion, Justice and Reason: An Anglican Approach to Election 2015, the free downloadable resource consists of double-sided sheets on 10 different justice issues highlighted by the Anglican Church of Canada and rooted in the Marks of Mission.

Highlighted by a letter from the Primate to all party leaders, Canada is a country of abundance, yet not all of its people benefit from that wealth. The role of political leaders is to guide all Canadians towards a more prosperous future, considering all voices while protecting the most vulnerable among us and elevating the relationship with the First Peoples of this land.

Among the issues highlighted in the election resource are:

  • Child poverty;
  • Overseas development assistance;
  • Peace in the Middle East;
  • Refugees;
  • Caring for creation;
  • Interfaith inclusion;
  • Justice and corrections;
  • Reconciliation;
  • Homelessness and affordable housing; and
  • Intergenerational inequalities

Each resource sheet includes a theme, background on the issue, a description of the Anglican experience and perspectives, and questions for candidates for what their party would do to address the issue. Links to further information and resources are provided, while a separate section offers tips for a successful meeting with one’s Minister of Parliament.

View or download the 2015 federal election resource.