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This initiative trains parish teams to become congregational developers. The focus is on a variety of models and approaches that help parish leaders work effectively with small groups and the whole parish system. Content includes core models, facilitation skill development, culture analysis, marketing, analysis of power in organizations, Myers-Briggs Personality Type as applied to individuals, groups (particularly decision-making) and whole systems, organizational change process, trust development, and conflict.

Basic orientation (eg. organization development, catechetical, or missional)

Congregational Development

Primarily designed to be implemented by (eg lay or ordained; diocesan staff)

Clergy and lay leaders. Both receive the same training at the same time.

Works better when parishes send a team; it is hard to implement the material if only one or two members of the parish are familiar with it.


Participant fees for 2015 are $600 for participants from the Diocese of New Westminster; $1,000 for participants from outside the Diocese.

The actual cost of running the school is higher.

Facilitator requirements

The School needs a Director and trainers. These need to be graduates of the School. The Director is a member of the Director’s Group, made up of directors from the different Dioceses offering this program (in Canada and the United States).

Approximate duration

Two one-week residential sessions (called Year A and Year B), plus time for parish projects. For participants wishing to receive a certificate, there is a book list to be read between the two years (about seven books).

Denominational orientation (eg. Anglican or other)

Developed in the Episcopal Church (USA), it has been adapted to the Anglican Church of Canada.

Broader context (eg. rural or urban; size of parish)

While it is currently only running in a largely urban diocese, the material should also be applicable to rural parishes.

Ease of replication (eg. how easy would it be to start this in a new place?)

Challenging. Requires significant Diocesan support, including funds, staff time and general endorsement. It can be challenging to recruit participants who are prepared to spend a full week away from home in a church program.

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Reviewed: May 25, 2016