Since 1990, the Anglican Church of Canada has been actively involved in responding to residential schools issues and contributing to reconciliation and healing. Our goals are to

  • acknowledge the past, and contribute to documenting the historical record
  • provide information about our current actions and responses
  • encourage healing and reconciliation among all Canadians

These documents form the basis for the Anglican Church of Canada’s participation in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission:

The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP)
Published in 1996, this royal commission addressed the status of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. It addressed government involvement and Canadian culture as a whole, including the role of churches:

“Of all the non-governmental institutions in Canadian society, religious institutions have perhaps the greatest potential to foster awareness and understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. This potential exists even though the Christian churches’ historical role was often that of supporting the dominant society and contributing to the marginalization of Aboriginal people. Religious institutions can make a unique contribution today and in the future.”  RCAP, Vol. 5, page 97

Settlement Agreement (Schedule N)
In May 2006 the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada signed the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement along with each of the diocesan bishops across Canada. The church is committed to fulfilling the agreement, especially as it relates to the activities of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). The mandate for the TRC is outlined in Schedule N of the Settlement Agreement and it details the requirement for the church to participate in the seven national TRC events over the years the TRC is in existence. The TRC has been charged with the goal of documenting the legacy of the residential schools through capturing witness statements and the gathering of documents from the churches and the Government of Canada, who are also parties to the agreement.