The Anglican Church of Canada has launched “A Changing Church”, a new strategic planning initiative that will explore the theme “A Changing Church, A Searching World and a Faithful God” and come up with concrete initiatives that will help to unify Canadian Anglicans in embracing the future with confidence and in faith. 

Vision 2019  had drawn to a close and it is time to refocus the work of the National Church over the next decade to better serve the needs of dioceses, parishes and individual Anglicans. As Anglicans we rely on each other to do our part. There are some things best done locally, others best done at the diocesan level and other things of a national or international level that are better done through the National Church.

As the world changes, so must we. The issues of 10 years ago are not necessarily today’s or tomorrow’s priorities. We need to become more agile to ensure our Church’s continued relevance to the spiritual, social and environmental preoccupations of Anglicans of today and those of tomorrow.

How can we offer our gifts to the world, boldly and clearly, in the years ahead? How can we make the most impact in the world with our collective Anglican voice?  How does Anglicanism transform in the midst of our communities, our dioceses and the nation? How can we harness the talent and energy of our youth and speak to their inner search for peace, love and justice? How can we ensure the future sustainability of a vibrant, Gospel-based Indigenous ministry serving Indigenous communities, situated at the heart of our Church?

The work of the Strategic Planning Working Group, and of the Council of General Synod, during this triennium is taking place under a threefold banner which sums up our conviction and commitment: A CHANGING CHURCH, A SEARCHING WORLD, A FAITHFUL GOD.

At the closing session of the last in-person CoGS meeting, on March 15, 2020, Council members collectively created this litany, which we hope will grow and expand as the work continues.

Prayer for our work together

Creator God, as we continue to work together on a new strategic plan for the Anglican Church of Canada:

We pray that we will be attentive to, and guided by, the Holy Spirit, leading us in God’s will.

Response:  Lord, help us to embrace our changing church, reach out to your searching world, and be confident in your faithfulness.

We pray that the new plan will help us to be more like Christ, and more able to live out His teachings of radical love and discipleship. Response

We pray that God will give us the courage of spirit to engage in self-examination, and be willing to venture into new and difficult places. Response

We pray that we may listen broadly and carefully to the quiet and the loud voices and to the still, small voice of God. Response

We pray for openness, transparency, respectful communication and healing; for trust in the process, and stamina to see it through, that it may build us up in love. Response

We pray that this plan will be an instrument that God will use to unify the church across Canada, that together, we all may participate more fully in God’s mission. Response. Amen.

This will be a significant and critical piece of work for the National Church as committed to us by two resolutions passed at General Synod 2019:

Resolution A103: “Be it resolved that this General Synod: Direct the Council of General Synod in partnership with the entire church, prayerfully to undertake a strategic planning process that will lead to the presentation of a proposal to the 2022 meeting of the General Synod for our ministry and mission with the General Synod. “

Resolution A102: “Be it resolved that this General Synod: Direct the Council of General Synod to develop and initiate a process to re-examine the mission of General Synod in relation to the dioceses and provinces, including the self-determining Indigenous Church, with a goal to allow the structures of General Synod to best enable and serve God’s mission.”

The work of the mandate will be led by the Strategic Planning Group assigned by the Primate. The membership includes:

Ms. Judith Moses, Chair (Diocese of Toronto)
Canon (Lay) Ian Alexander (Diocese of British Columbia)
Ms. Dale Drozda (Diocese of New Westminster)
Rev. Deacon Cynthia Haines-Turner (Diocese of Western Newfoundland)
Very Rev. Valerie Kerr (Diocese of Niagara)
Ms. Janet Marshall (Diocese of Toronto)
Most Rev. Linda Nicholls (Primate)
Rev. Monique Stone (Diocese of Ottawa)
Rev. Peter Wall (Diocese of Niagara)

From the Office of General Synod:

The General Secretary
Mr. Joe Vesci, Director of Communications
Ms. Shannon Cottrell, Executive Secretary for Governance

Each ecclesiastical province also has an assigned ‘Link Bishop’ who will assist in the communicating of, and engagement in, the strategic planning process, ensuring that as many voices as possible contribute to the work. The Link Bishops are as follows:

Rt. Rev. Ron Cutler – Canada
Rt. Rev. Andrew Asbil – Ontario
Rt. Rev. Geoff Woodcroft – Rupert’s Land
Rt. Rev. David Lehmann – B.C. and Yukon

Group: Bishops
Convenors: Cynthia Haines-Turner and Joey Royal

Andrew Asbil, Diocese of Toronto
Susan Bell, Diocese of Niagara
David Edwards, Diocese of Fredericton
Chris Harper, Diocese of Saskatoon
David Lehmann, Diocese of Caledonia
Bruce Myers, Diocese of Quebec
Lydia Mamakwa, Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh
Lesley Wheeler-Dame, Diocese of Yukon
Geoffrey Woodcroft, Diocese of Rupert’s Land

Group: Executive Archdeacons
Convenors: Ian Alexander and Lynne McNaughton

Robert Camara, Diocese of Montreal
Mary Conliffe, Diocese of Toronto
Barry Foster, Diocese of British Columbia
Trevor Freeman, Diocese of Kootenay
Pilar Gateman, Diocese of Calgary
Alex Parsons, Diocese of Saskatoon
David Peer, Diocese of Fredericton
Tanya Phibbs, Diocese of Huron
Gordon Redden, Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Sarah Usher, Diocese of Yukon

Group: Young Clergy
Convenors: Monique Stone and Marnie Peterson

Will Ferry, Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Roshni Jayawardena, Diocese of Toronto
Vivian Lam, Diocese of New Westminster
Nick Pang, Diocese of Kootenay
Jenn Renouf, Anglican Military Ordinariate
Christopher Samsom, Diocese of Caledonia
Arran Thorpe, Diocese of Ottawa
Jordan Ware, Diocese of Edmonton

Group: Indigenous Church
Convenors: Judith Moses and Val Kerr

Ray Aldred, Diocese of New Westminster
Isaiah Larry Beardy, Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh
Nancy Bruyere, Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh
Caroline Chum, Diocese of Moosonee
Grace Delaney, Diocese of Moosonee

Additional names to come

Group: Lay youth and young families
Convenors: Dale Drozda and Luke Gobbett

Eden Mancor, Diocese of Montreal
Henry Thiessen, Diocese of Saskatoon

Additional names to come

Group: Social Justice, Advocacy and International Development
Convenors: Judith Moses and Chris Wood

Jane Alexander, Diocese of Edmonton
David Burrows, Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador
Douglas Fenton, Diocese of New Westminster
Elin Goulden, Diocese of Toronto
Nancy Harvy, Diocese of Huron
Peter John Hobbs, Diocese of Ottawa
Keigh Kern, Diocese of Toronto
Bet Lorimer, KAIROS
Su McLoed, PWRDF
Jeffrey Metcalfe, Diocese of Quebec
Bill Mous, Diocese of Niagara
Andrew Stevens-Rennie, Diocese of New Westminster

Group: Congregational Development and Mission
Convenors: Janet Marshall and Hugh Mackenzie

Shawn Branch, Diocese of Fredericton
Fiona Brownlee, Diocese of Edmonton
Tellison Glover, Diocese of New Westminster
Catherine Harper, Diocese of Qu’Appelle
Richard King, Diocese of Edmonton
Jay Koyle, Diocese of Algoma
David Krause, Diocese of Toronto
Trish McCarthy, Diocese of Saskatoon
Neil Mancor, Diocese of Montreal
Greg Mercer, Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador
Christyn Perkons, Diocese of Niagara
Dave Robinson, Diocese of Rupert’s Land
Walter Steward, Diocese of British Columbia
Lisa Vaughn, Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Group: Diocesan Council Members
Convenors: Janet Marshall and Kim Chadsey

Kelly Baetz, Diocese of Algoma
Nancy Beale, Diocese of Ontario
Philip Cochrane, Diocese of New Westminster
Tim Dobbin, Diocese of Huron
Paul Glen, Diocese of Kootenay
Glen Gough, Diocese of Yukon
Brian Kauk, Diocese of Ottawa
Reid Moore, Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Toby Ramsden, Diocese of Edmonton
Sophie Rolland, Diocese of Montreal
Lori Wheaton, Diocese of Central Newfoundland
Janice Whitely, Diocese of Niagara

Group: Communications Professionals
Convenors: Ian Alexander and Jody Walker

David Allan, Diocese of Calgary
George Cribbs, Dioceses of Moosonee and Algoma
Mark Hauser, Diocese of Ontario
Marty Levesque, Diocese of Huron
Stuart Mann, Diocese of Toronto
Randy Murray, Diocese of New Westminster
Catherine Pate, Diocese of British Columbia
Emily Rowe, Dioceses in Newfoundland and Labrador
Matthew Townsend, Diocese of Anglican Journal
Joe Vecsi, Office of General Synod

Group: Finance Officers
: Ian Alexander and Michael Siebert

Jody Beck, Diocese of Niagara
Shailene Caparas, Diocese of New Westminster
Patricia Dorland, Diocese of Moosonee
John Gee, Diocese of Edmonton
Hanna Goschy, Office of General Synod
Glen Greencorn, Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Jan Mesich, Diocese of Algoma
Dwight Oatway, Territory of the People
Lilian Qian, Diocese of Toronto
Stephen Tam, Diocese of Montreal

Group: Council of the North
: Janet Marshall and Linda Nicholls

Bishops from member dioceses and territories

Diocese of the Arctic
Diocese of Athabasca
Diocese of Brandon
Diocese of Caledonia
Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh
Diocese of Moosonee
Diocese of Saskatchewan
Territory of the People
Diocese of Yukon

You can contact the Strategic Planning Group by email at [email protected].