This will be a significant and critical piece of work for the National Church as committed to us by two resolutions passed at General Synod 2019:

Resolution A103: “Be it resolved that this General Synod: Direct the Council of General Synod in partnership with the entire church, prayerfully to undertake a strategic planning process that will lead to the presentation of a proposal to the 2022 meeting of the General Synod for our ministry and mission with the General Synod. “

Resolution A102: “Be it resolved that this General Synod: Direct the Council of General Synod to develop and initiate a process to re-examine the mission of General Synod in relation to the dioceses and provinces, including the self-determining Indigenous Church, with a goal to allow the structures of General Synod to best enable and serve God’s mission.”

The work of the mandate will be led by the Strategic Planning Group assigned by the Primate. The membership includes:

  • Judith Moses, Chair
  • Rev. Monique Stone (Co-Chair of Planning & Agenda Team)
  • Rev. Deacon Cynthia Haines-Turner (Co-Chair of Planning & Agenda Team and Past Prolocutor)
  • Ian Alexander (former Chair of Journal Working Group)
  • Dale Drozda
  • Rev. Valerie Kerr (Officers of General Synod)
  • Rev. Michael Thompson (General Secretary)
  • Most Rev. Linda Nicholls (Primate)

Each ecclesiastical province also has an assigned ‘Link Bishop’ who will assist in the communicating of, and engagement in, the strategic planning process, ensuring that as many voices as possible contribute to the work. The Link Bishops are as follows:

  • Rt. Rev. Ron Cutler – Canada
  • Rt. Rev. Andrew Asbil – Ontario
  • Rt. Rev. Geoff Woodcroft – Rupert’s Land
  • Rt. Rev. David Lehmann – B.C. and Yukon
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