Christ Church Bells Corners, Ottawa

We pray that we can realize our potential to be a church that matters in the lives of the wider community and the world. We pray that our church can adapt to the world, stay relevant so that is it can thrive and that we learn to embrace change rather than avoid it. We pray … Continued

Christ Church Bells Corners, Ottawa—Confirmation Class

The parents and youth of our confirmation class participated in the Heartbeat of the Church together – sharing the hope of generations. We concluded with this heartfelt prayer: We pray that the church be open to being led by the Spirit into the future, that we be open to new ideas as we move forward and … Continued

Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa

Give us strength, O Lord, to continue to do well the actions we are already committed to and embolden us to address the issues you have brought to our attention as a church:  concerns such as schisms within our members in Canada and across the world; the environmental crisis; human rights and equality; the closing … Continued

Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa

For the continued leadership, support, and attention to the Indigenous peoples of Canada and work towards reconciliation. For the strengthening of Anglican pastoral care and counselling services, to support youth and those living in isolation or despair. For our Church to listen to the needs of the people and thoughtfully assess where the Church can … Continued

Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa

God of our forbearers and of our children, thank you for Primate Fred Hiltz and his Heartbeat of the Church initiative. We give you thanks for the privilege of participating. God, you are always with us in joy and also in sorrow. Lead us as a church to be friends of Jesus, to love one … Continued

Epiphany Anglican Church, Ottawa

We pray that we, Form new groups, tighter knit groups, always finding new ways of incorporating newcomers. . . Looking toward the future… Continuing work toward reconciling with all those we’ve hurt, in particular aboriginal and LGBT communities… Bridging the gap between young and old within our church… Being true to Christ’s mission, living faith … Continued

Holy Trinity North Gower, Ottawa

We pray to continue to show God’s love to the world and to continue the Anglican tradition in our area in a spirit of loving hope. We pray for discernment of God’s purpose so our Church may grow.  

Parish of South Carleton, Diocese of Ottawa

As a result of our conversations regarding the Heartbeat of the Church, our heartfelt prayer for the church is: That our faith communities will be a safe haven and sanctuary to those in need and that we will show God’s love to the world through both our words and our actions; That we will have … Continued

St Margaret’s Vanier, Ottawa

We pray for the church to find relevance for everyone to feel welcomed and comforted at church, and to be accepted in their unique needs without having to conform to social pressure for an understanding that comfort and welcome means different things to different people for an understanding that we have different hopes for youth … Continued

St. John the Evangelist, Smiths Falls, Ontario

We pray that our Church can be a beacon of light, love, hope and inclusiveness to all persons through Christ—that we love our neighbours as ourselves, accepting and including each other no matter who we are. We pray that we can move in the right directions around reconciliation in light of our legacy of residential … Continued