A prayer from Grace, Toronto

In prayer to the Virgin Mary, may we pray in gratitude for Divine Grace — Virtue as a gift from God for truth in mankind.  May we help our family and friends live in remembrance for the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Great Flood, so that we may live through the righteous hand of … Continued

Church of the Holy Trinity, Guildwood

For an open, welcoming, dynamic, revolutionary, loving church where more people attend and realize the lessons to be learned; spread the word, receive words of comfort and inspiration; clarity about the church mission and objective – to know what is true.

The Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Toronto

Our heartfelt prayer for the Church is its continuance through the time we find ourselves in. The Church’s longevity is a manifestation of its greatness and truth, like a great piece of art and a thousand year old grove of olive trees. We pray for the Church to be strong for people to stay involved … Continued