Propers for Mother Emily Ayckbowm

Text for memorial of Mother Emily Ayckbowm, who was added to the Canadian calendar of holy persons in the Book of Alternative Services on April 5 (the day of her founding of The Community of the Sisters of the Church) by a resolution at General Synod 2004.

The Ministry of all the Baptized

Describes the meaning of baptism, quoting passage from Introduction to Baptismal Liturgy in Book of Alternative Services and including liturgical text for baptismal covenant. Discusses baptismal covenant and the catechumenate. Resources are included for baptism, Eucharist and ministry (World Council of Churches document), total or mutual ministry, and other suggested readings.

The Theological Bases of Community: Creation, the Holy Spirit, the Church

Thoughts by Joanne McWilliam of Christ Church, Deer Park, Toronto, on what preparations the church might take in the case of a pandemic, exploring the theological aspects of human communities, the community of Creation, the body of Christ, the community of the Spirit, the image of God. Questions for discussion are provided.