The executive body of General Synod is called the Council of General Synod.

Its membership is made up of the Primate, the Prolocutor, the Deputy Prolocutor, the Chancellor, bishops, clerical and lay members of General Synod elected by the General Synod on the nomination of the Provincial Caucuses, one youth member of the General Synod from each ecclesiastical province elected by General Synod on the nomination of the Provincial Caucuses, one member nominated by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and two members nominated by the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples.  The General Secretary of the General Synod is an ex officio member of the Council of General Synod without voting privileges.

The Council of the General Synod shall consider and report upon any matters referred to it by the Primate or the General Synod.

Council of General Synod Working Groups and Task Forces

Dismantling Racism Task Force
Information on the work of the Anti-Racism Working Group of CoGS, including reports and A Charter for Racial Justice.

Governance Working Group
To review the governance of General Synod with a view to enhancing the work and mission of General Synod.

Strategic Planning Working Group
The Council of General Synod established the Strategic Planning Working Group in response to the passing of Resolution A102 and Resolution A103 at General Synod 2019.

Documents and Resources

Anglican Covenant and the Windsor Process

COGS Highlights: Unofficial Notes of General Synod meetings (1999 to present)

Investing with a Mission – A Guide to Responsible Investment and Church Funds