Seven videos highlighting the works of the Ministries of General Synod were created for the 2023 Assembly meeting held in Calgary.

This video delves into the endeavours of the Office of the General Secretary, elucidating its objectives, introducing its staff, and shedding light on the scriptural foundation underpinning the office’s efforts.

The General Secretary is the chief operations officer for General Synod, and is responsible to the Primate.

The Council of General Synod (CoGS) appoints the General Secretary on nomination of the Primate supported by a search committee of clergy and laity appointed by the Council of General Synod.

As chief operating officer, the General Secretary is responsible for the day to day operations of Church House and has oversight of the work of the General Synod, its committees, councils, boards and commissions, the planning for General Synod and the Council of General Synod.  To ensure coordination of this work the General Secretary meets monthly with the Church House Management Team that is comprised of the Primate, and the Directors of Church House Departments.

The General Secretary plays a key role in issues arising from native residential schools litigation and works closely with the Anglican Council of Indigenous People and the federal government.

In addition to the General Secretary, the department includes the General Synod Archivist, Human Resources Coordinator, Anglican Healing Fund Coordinator, Travel and Event Planner and administrative staff.