Gospel-Based Discipleship

Guidelines for building a community of disciples by putting the Gospels at the centre of worship and ministry. Includes Gathering Prayer, questions to ponder while reading the Gospels, tips for daily discipleship and a list of guiding principles.

I Intend…

I Intend … is a discipleship program for congregations and individuals. This resource offers participants an opportunity to grow in their capacity to be disciples and followers of Jesus and helps people make practical choices in five areas of their lives to help them live generously, faithfully and intentionally.


Revive is a discipleship program to help active lay leaders—wardens, property and finance officers, committee chairs, vestry members, church school teachers, youth ministers, pastoral visitors, and liturgical ministers—grow in confidence as spiritual leaders. In just 10 months, this small-group program transforms leaders of practical church ministry into confident spiritual leaders who love God and participate in Christ’s ministry.

We intend…

We Intend… is a follow-up on the I Intend program that extends individual discipleship to congregational action.