Helping Canadian Anglicans live out their Christian faith thoughtfully, prayerfully and with commitment is the work of this department.

Following General Synod 2001, Faith, Worship and Ministry identified 35 tasks on which to embark or to continue. Grouped into five areas, the work encompasses ethics, ecumenism, interfaith relations, ministry and liturgy.

The work of the Faith, Worship, & Ministry department is focused in the Faith and Worship section of this website.

The department has focused its attention on solidifying the relationship of full communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada following the adoption of the Waterloo Declaration at General Synod in 2001. Working with Lutheran partners, FWM has developed liturgical resources for Anglicans and Lutherans taking part in joint worship services and guidelines for clergy serving in each other’s churches. The ethics area helps Canadian Anglicans to wrestle prayerfully and thoughtfully with complex moral questions, including developments in biotechnology, homosexuality, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

FWM also works with other departments. A recent collaboration with Partnership’s Indigenous and EcoJustice staff, produced the New Agape binder. The resource offers parishes workshop themes, worship suggestions, community activity plans and a speakers’ list, to help parishes build relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in their communities.

Producing common liturgical resources such as the Book of Alternative Services and Common Praise also falls under this department’s mandate.

Faith, Worship and Ministry responds to the concerns of Anglicans across the country expressed through priorities set by General Synod and provides resources for them to deepen and express their faith as Anglican Christians in ecumenical partnership.