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Alpha is a series of interactive sessions to explore questions with food, a talk and open discussion. Each session looks at a different question and is designed to create conversation. Designed to be offered in any kind of context (coffee shops, churches, homes, bars). Each session begins with food; video talks are 30 minutes long followed by group discussion. There is a separate steam for youth. Targeted to both people curious about Christianity and also to those who want to deepen their understanding of their faith. Does not assume any prior knowledge of Christianity.

Basic orientation (eg. organization development, catechetical, or missional)


Primarily designed to be implemented by (eg lay or ordained; diocesan staff)

Small groups can be run by lay or ordained.


Free downloads. Training events for leaders have a nominal fee.

Facilitator requirements

Leaders are drawn from the local community/parish and require training. Training materials are available on-line. There are also regional training events for hosts and volunteer leaders.

Approximate duration

Typically runs over 8 to 12 weeks.

Denominational orientation (eg. Anglican or other)

Originally Church of England, it is now used in many different denominations.

Broader context (eg. rural or urban; size of parish)

Any size or location

Ease of replication (eg. how easy would it be to start this in a new place?)

Easy to implement but requires commitment by the host congregation (a motivated and commitment team to implement).

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