39 Articles of Religion

Text of 39 articles that were incorporated into the 1604 English prayer book and preserved in the Canadian Book of Common Prayer, which serve as a window into the theological concerns of the reformed English church of the 17th century.

Anglican Communion networks

List of Anglican Communion networks that the Anglican Church of Canada voluntarily participates in, along with Canadian Anglican contacts.

Canadian Companion Diocese Program

Information on the Companion Diocese Program, which pairs Canadian dioceses with other dioceses in the Anglican Communion to encourage and pray for one another, learn and share each other’s joys and concerns, and participate in face-to-face, spiritual, and material exchanges. Resources and links are provided.

Canadian Companions of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Details on the Canadian Companions of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, their role in providing leadership and support to the Anglican Church of Canada’s partnership with the diocese, and their four key areas of work: education, advocacy, pilgrimage and financial support to Diocese of Jerusalem ministries.

Global-local mission relationships and resources

Description of work by Global Relations program of the General Synod in helping dioceses and parishes begin new relationships or strengthen existing ones with global church partners for local mission.

Jerusalem Sunday resources

A central location for all resources and information on Jerusalem Sunday. Includes videos, prayers, liturgical resources, and photos from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.

Partner profile: Jerusalem

Partner profile for the Diocese of Jerusalem, with links to diocesan information, Canadian Anglican connections, ecumenical links, and contacts.

Partner Profile: Melanesia

Partner profile for the Anglican Church of Melanesia. Includes links to information about the Melanesian church, Canadian Anglican connections, and contacts.

Partnership with provinces

List of priorities for the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada in its partnerships with each province of the Anglican Communion, as well as a list of its three closest international partners.

Report from the International Anglican Conversations on Human Sexuality

Report from conversation of international Anglican bishops called together in 1999 by the Archbishop of Canterbury to meet over a three-year period. Includes points of agreement, disagreement, reflections upon the fruits of the conversation and the conditions that enabled them, topics for further exploration and recommendations from the meeting.

Response to the Windsor Report

Response to the Windsor Report, prepared in March 2007 by the Windsor Report Response Group for the Council of General Synod. In its conclusions, the response affirms the importance of having a relationship of trust within the Anglican Communion and that the Windsor Report is part of a process leading towards healing and reconciliation.

The Consultation of Anglican Bishops in Dialogue

Background information on the Consultation of Anglican Bishops in Dialogue, a group of bishops from Canada, the United States, England, Scotland and various African countries that began at the 2008 Lambeth Conference

The Lambeth Quadrilateral

Text of the Lambeth Quadrilateral, a statement identified as Resolution 11 from the Lambeth Conference of 1888 that was conceived as a foundation for ecumenical discussion but more recently has been used to outline the basics of Anglican identity.