General Synod Communications and other departments at Church House run a number of e-mail news lists that may be of interest.

General Synod Daily publishes up to four days per week (excluding holidays), with reduced frequency in the summer months. Includes snippets and links of every Anglican Journal article, along with news and information from across the country and the wider Anglican Communion. These updates are temporarily suspended with the intent to resume in 2024.

General Synod Weekly is a weekly email digest targeted towards those who would benefit from less frequent updates than General Synod Daily. It includes links to news and information from a subset of the General Synod Daily updates. These updates are temporarily suspended with the intent to resume in 2024.

Jobs postings on
An occasional (no more than once a day) mailing of jobs posted on

Anglican Journal monthly (10-12 updates per year) informs you when a new issue of the Anglican Journal is online and provides a link to the PDF version of the issue as well as links to diocesan newspapers.

Council of the North (6-8 times per year) Provides updates about pastoral and sacramental ministry in isolated northern communities.

Anglican eStore updates (seldom) Sign up to receive eStore pre-order and in-stock notifications, and/or updates about publications (including calendars).

Canadian Church Calendar (seldom) Calendar-only updates: for photo submission deadline reminders and in‑stock notifications.

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