A Ceremony for Solidarity for the National Aboriginal Day of Prayer, 2016

In response to the Primate’s call for every parish in Canada to read aloud the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples on June 21, 2016—the National Aboriginal Day of Prayer—or on the Sunday closest, the Rev. Canon Greg Smith created a document offering guidelines for a Ceremony of Solidarity. The document outlines the headings of each the … Continued

Accessible Customer Service Policy

Text of the church’s policy governing the provision of services to persons with disabilities. Discusses communication, assistive devices, the use of service animals and support persons, notice of service disruptions, staff training and offering feedback.

Anglican Healing Fund

Information on the Anglican Healing Fund, which offers grants to encourage and initiate programs to help educate and heal the damage caused by Indian residential schools. Includes criteria for application to grants and annual grant summaries.

Anglican Indian and Eskimo Residential Schools

List of Indian and Eskimo residential schools adminstered by the Anglican Church of Canada, with the location and lifespan of each school and its authorized enrolment. Links are provided with information on each school.

Creation Matters downloadable poster

Poster describes ways in which parishes and individuals can embody the fifth Mark of Mission, “to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and renew the life of the earth” in their daily lives.

Financial statements

Audited financial statements and Form T3010: CRA registered charity information returns for the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada.

General Synod 2016

Information about the 41st General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Historical Sketch for Anglican Residential Schools

History of the role of the Anglican Church of Canada in the Indian residential school system, encompassing the period from 1820 to 1969, when the church directly administered the schools, as well as subsequent developments leading up to 1993 apology by Archbishop Michael Peers, the Residential Schools Settlement Agreement and the establishment of the Truth … Continued

Homelessness and affordable housing

Reiteration of the commitment by Anglicans and Lutherans in Canada, as agreed upon at the 2013 Joint Assembly, to learn more about the issues of poverty, homelessness and substandard housing and support initiatives to achieve safe, affordable housing for all. Description of National Housing Day on November 22, various partnerships, and resources such as the … Continued

Human Trafficking

Web hub featuring information and resources related to human trafficking, and the church’s ongoing work with local and global partners to defeat this modern slavery.