If your parish hasn’t taken part in a giving or stewardship program in a long time, here’s how to start.

Begin to:

Give Thanks for generosity
Invite generosity

Implement just one idea in each pillar: Inspiring, Inviting, Thanking.

Read more about the program and each pillar.


Inspire generosity and giving. Use resources anchored in our Anglican theology and mission.

⇒ Show how your parish makes a difference.

⇒ Talk about generosity and gratitude.

⇒ Model gratitude. Preach about your experience and response to God’s generosity,


⇒ Write a letter to every family, beginning with thanks and then sharing some of the important ministry that happens in worship, learning, pastoral care and outreach.

⇒ Share your own ‘Why I Give’ story

⇒ Invite each member or family to review their support


A culture of generosity is built on a foundation of gratitude. Just as we thank God for the blessings in our lives, we thank individuals and groups for all their generous support of ministry in their community.

⇒ Make the most of thanking.

⇒ Write a handwritten thank-you note each day for a month. Be specific and sincere, and include details about something that has happened recently.

⇒ Encourage everyone to take up a gratitude practice.

⇒ Create a Gratitude Team.


Next Steps
Ready to dive in more deeply into giving? Learn how to further inspire your congregation, invite those who give to learn the impact of the ministry they support, and thank donors for their gifts.

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