Keep the momentum going and take generosity, giving and gratitude to the next level. Videos and testimonials can help orient leaders and inspire givers to new heights of stewardship. Try the I Intend program to help members grow in their discipleship.

Your giving program is impacting vitality and discipleship. Putting leading practices in place your congregation is inspired to give. Sustaining these practices means maintaining strong relationships, supporting leaders, and keeping people informed. A range of resources exist to help you continue inspiring, inviting, and thanking your members.

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Share success stories through videos and testimonials. Incorporate details on your experience of giving and inspiring others into Sunday services.

⇒ Create brief videos to post on your website. Make it a regular monthly feature about the impact of ministry.

Create a video narrative budget, including a welcome from the rector, through short videos highlighting the impact of the ministry of worship, learning, and serving.

⇒ Recruit a person impacted by your ministry to give a testimony during worship each week for four weeks.

Before the first Sunday of the giving program, share in a sermon how you (clergy or key lay leaders) make decisions about the spiritual practice of giving, and even how much you give.

Orient and support key leadership to invite others to join them in face-to-face and peer-to-peer conversations. Make sure to include everyone who is a regular giver.

⇒ Call every identifiable giver and thank them for their generosity—nothing else!

As the gifts of bread and wine are received and left on the alter, leave the offering plates as a sign of the value of all forms of generosity.

At the time of the prayers of the people, invite everyone to write out one thing they are thankful for each week.

⇒ Give thanks to the community. Choose a key group to thank, such as first responders, care home staff or teachers.