The next online Gospel Jamboree was live on September 19, 2020. The Jam was streamed live on this page, YouTube, and Facebook, along with a radio Simulcast on the Wawatay Radio and NCI networks throughout Northern Ontario and Manitoba.

Gospel Jamborees have a long history in Indigenous communities, going back to a time when Indigenous peoples gathered to sing Christian hymns—as a means of coming together, praying for one another, worshipping God, spreading the Good News and also, as a means of faithful and courageous resistance to colonization. Within the Anglican Church of Canada, Gospel Jamborees have accompanied the Native Convocations/Sacred Circles as well as being used by communities and ministry areas to bring folks together for fellowship, encouragement, worship, community-building, support and fun. The last three General Synods have also featured Gospel Jamborees as ongoing acts of reconciliation and bridge-building.
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