WHAT is it?  Sacred Beginnings is an alcohol and drug-free event for Indigenous youth from across the nation to come together to learn traditional ways while residing in their Christian faith, developing as Indigenous leaders. They will see and experience different perspectives, through which they will build strong connections. On-site for the week are local firekeepers, elders, mentors, and teachers; with opportunities for traditional crafting, drumming, sweat lodge, naming ceremonies, and singing.

Sacred Beginnings thanks our sponsors the Anglican Foundation; Say Yes to Kids! and Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples.

WHO is it for? Youth and young adults aged 15-25.

WHERE is it? Beausejour, MB, just north of Winnipeg. To take a look around the centre, visit sandysaulteaux.ca.

While there is no charge for this gathering, space is very limited and Pre-registration is required.

HOW do we get there?  Some people will fly, some will drive.

WHEN do we arrive? Sometime before 3 p.m. on May 6. The event ends at 9 a.m. on May 13.

Registration opens: March 15, 2024
Registration closes: April 15, 2024   

Travel Information:

Air transportation

Air travel will be booked with Corporate Traveller by Amanda Callaghan, who is in charge of travel details and booking for Indigenous Ministries. Please do not book travel until your registration has been confirmed by Yolanda Bird.

It is very important that you provide Amanda with your full name as it appears on your official Governmental Issued Photo ID to avoid any travel issues and delays.

Airlines are now only issuing electronic tickets. These tickets will be issued by Corporate Traveller and will be mailed to you if you are unable to access electronic tickets.

We will arrange local transportation—pick up/drop off at the airport.

Ground Transportation and Meal Reimbursement

Car mileage will be reimbursed 62 cents per kilometer return. Note: If you choose to drive, please carpool with others. This saves costs and the environment. Meals while travelling en route can be reimbursed up to $50 per day. Please keep and track all receipts.

For all reimbursements, use the attached General Synod of Anglican Church of Canada Reimbursement of Expenses, and include all receipts. (Claims for purchase of alcoholic beverages will not be accepted) Expense forms are due 2 weeks after the meeting.

Please complete the following information to register for Sacred Beginnings 2024

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